The Macroeconomics Series (II): Inflation and growth

Our first article in this series on macroeconomics covered GDP (Gross Domestic Product). We made a distinction between nominal GDP and real GDP based on the effects of increasing or decreasing prices. Today, we are going to expand on that topic: this article will introduce you to inflation and growth. Continue reading “The Macroeconomics Series (II): Inflation and growth”

The Macroeconomics Series (I): Real GDP matters

Big figures sound scary. Our governments spend billions of euros/dollars/you name it every year in lots of different things. You might even know a few things about GDP, deficit and a vast array of terms related to economics in general. In this series, my aim is to make it easier for everyone to get a grasp of macroeconomics. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready to learn! Continue reading “The Macroeconomics Series (I): Real GDP matters”